An Alternative Approach

Weight Loss is about more than diet and exercise!  Find and release the need for excess weight first. 

Change your mind- change your body!


Why you do what you do? Eliminate limiting beliefs and patterns ~ the core of your success. 

Personal Training

Unique style guaranteed to give results.

Personal training, program development, accountability and nutrition. Online and one-one sessions.

Nutrition Guidance

Healthy bodies start in the kitchen. This can get pretty confusing with all the advice in the media. We will take the guesswork out and you will learn to eat according to your needs. From pantry makeovers to healthy cooking ideas, Ayruveda, discussions and accountability.

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Yogic practices are about more than postures. It is a powerful technology to know your body and to move past limits. You use yoga every day in your life and probably don't know it. We use many aspects of yoga to get you to your goals. 

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Fitness means something different to everyone.  You get to define that for yourself and we support you to achieve your personal fitness goals. Personal training, program development and accountability, goal setting and attainment. We offer it all!

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Alternative Methods

Meditation, intuitive readings, Reiki and energy work, prayer, holding of space and intention, shadow work classes, focus gatherings, constellations, emotional coaching and anything that comes up as we work together. This part is very personal and is not a one-size-fits-all plan. 

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What people are saying

First off I want to say thank you for the assignment. It really did change my perspective on things.  I would say that my happiness is now a 9 out of 10. I will work my way up to 10 out of 10. 

- Nicole, Oceanside, CA

Awesome class. Attend one and you will understand why!

- Tim, San Diego, CA

Really supportive; accommodating for everyone. I love it.

- Laura, San Diego, CA


Very organized and wonderfully presented by Erica. The Best diet discussion I have been to. And the way participation was encouraged, everyone gave honest and helpful comments. Woke up this morning and felt different and more hopeful about weight loss.

-Maureen, San Diego, CA

 I haven't felt this good since I don't know when. I am getting more out of our classes than I have with the counselor I was seeing.

-Christa, San Diego, CA

I am really enjoying the classes. I love the individual attention you give to each of us! THANK YOU SO MUCH ERICA :)

-Lam, San Diego, CA

Small and intimate. We were given exercises that stretched us beyond our comfort zone and made us look at things differently. If the first class was this intense, I can only imagine what the future classes will entail. I'm looking forward to taking the journey. Thanks Erica! 

-Gwen, Carlsbad, CA

SourceFit is a holistic coaching and consulting business focusing on alternative methods to weight loss.