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Ever Think There Is More To Weight Loss Than You Are Being Told?

What If I Told You, You Were Right?

For many people, weight gain is a symptom of something deeper. There are many reasons we make choices that manifest unhealthy lives. The need for protection, fear, feeling small, unloved, or scared, not being able to express yourself and many others. No amount of dieting or time in the gym will release the weight if the need for the weight is still present. 

In my years as a trainer, I noticed that a few clients either lost weight just to put it back on or did everything "right" and never lost a pound.  The traditional methods just weren't working. Through my own intuition and insight, as well as learning from other teachers before me, I realized that there is a missing key to the mainstream methods of weight loss.

Just as every key is different, so is every lock. You are a specific combination of experiences that make you uniquely you. There is not a one-size-fits-all master key in this work. Your plan will be specific to you and your personal goals.

Thanks to a massive toolbox of methods and a highly specialized network of healers at my fingertips, we can help you step into a whole new experience of life. You are not alone. Let's do it together. 

What others are saying


 Small and intimate. We were given exercises that stretched us beyond our comfort zone and made us look at things differently. If the first class was this intense, I can only imagine what the future classes will entail. I'm looking forward to taking the journey.  Thanks Erica! 

— Gwen Evans on Jul 21, 2015

 Erica is an amazing Healer, Educator, and Mentor, I have worked with her in the past years and her insight and intuition and ability to see others for who they truly are always brings me insight and expansion on the lessons of compassion. Thank you Erica for holding great space and sharing your knowledge. Knowledge is Power. I am so grateful. 

— Heather Renee on Dec 2, 2015.

"First off I want to say thank you for the assignment. It really did change my perspective on things.  I would say that my happiness is now a 9 out of 10. I will work my way up to 10 out of 10. "

- Nicole, Oceanside, CA 2014

"Awesome class. Attend one and you will understand why!"

- Tim, San Diego, CA 2014

"Really supportive; accommodating for everyone. I love it."

- Laura, San Diego, CA 2014

"Very organized and wonderfully presented by Erica. The Best diet discussion I have been to. And the way participation was encouraged, everyone gave honest and helpful comments. Woke up this morning and felt different and more hopeful about weight loss."

-Maureen, San Diego, CA 2014

"I haven't felt this good since I don't know when. I am getting more out of our classes than I have with the counselor I was seeing."

-Christa, San Diego, CA 2014

"I am really enjoying the classes. I love the individual attention you give to each of us! THANK YOU SO MUCH ERICA :)"

-Lam, San Diego, CA 2014